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lucky cat with fish
silver pendant

lucky elephant
silver  & gold brooch with abalone

lucky cat with fish pendant
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Measures: 4.5 x 3.5 cm.

This pendant is made of fine silver, patinated for antiqued appearance.
Comes complete with black rubber cord.

Cat represents guardianship, sensuality and detachment. Cat grants the ability to quietly observe situations without bias before making decisions, as everyone has a right to judge important events for herself when the time is right.
The cat is the merging of the spiritual and physical; the psychic and sensual. She is a symbol of independence, reincarnation, balance, magic and mystery.
Cat represents wisdom. Self-assured, she’s a strong protector, especially in confrontational situations. The height of her power is the night and she’s been called a child of the Moon.

Fish is a symbol of Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth and Persistence. It is also believed to bring success in business.

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