about king solomon seals (amulets)

King Solomon Seals were inspired by King Solomon. The legend of King Solomon's Seal - a wondrous signet ring which he received from heaven, is common to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.King Solomon

The Solomon Seals symbolize a harmony of opposites. It reflects the cosmic order, the skies, the movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual flow between heaven and earth, between the elements of air and fire.

Combining various geometric, astrologic and combinations of Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Arabic phrases, these symbols emphasize the harmony of both heavenly and earthly domains, and are used to assist people in their personal lives.

King Solomon Amulets are ancient amulets mentioned in old prayers and biblical history records. The wisdom of King Solomon was the creative guide for the amulets. To provide answers and help he created amulets that were tailored to problems and desires of people who needed his advice. The amulets include text and characters from a variety of sources including the Book of Psalms, Old Testament, Kabbalah Book of Creation and various religious prayers.

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