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silver kabbalah bracelet 72 names talisman

Kabbalah silver pendant. 72 names of G-d talisman
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Kabbalah silver pendant. 72 names of G-d talisman
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Measures: 2.7cm outer diameter.

Fine silver (.999) double-sided bracelet with Amethyst gemstone in the eye shaped setting.
The three letters - Kaf Hey Tav represent one of the 72 Names of God. According to Kabbalah the combination of these letters protects wearer from any negative energies.
On the back side of the bracelet all 72 names of G-d are sealed behind the transparent laquer screen.
Seventy-two Names of G-d are three-letter combinations that carry an exraordinary power. Each of these can serve as a conduit channeling the power of Light into our material world, but also into our spiritual and emotional state. each in its own way. See it as a source of light and positive energy which can flood, illuminate and purge the negativity and darkness from any aspect of your inner being. The seventy-two Names of G-d can be internalized and empowered by meditation over the letters, or even slow visual scanning over them (from right to left).

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