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how to wear gemstones

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4. It is advised to carry stones in a silk purse, suspended on a silk string.
It is also preferable to have the stone placed between Vissuddha and Anahata Chakras (3-4 fingers below jugular dimple).

If you carry a stone in the pocket, you should observe the following rules:
Carry the stones related to “friendly”(*) planets on the “happy side” (for men – right side, for women – left side). Stones of “malicious”(**) planets have their place on the opposite side. Carrying stones below the belt is not recommended, unless you want to recover from diseases such as barrenness, impotence, difficult labour, cramps, paralysis, etc.

5. Transparent stones of clear color are preferred in a brighter half of year - spring and summer. Motley and opaque stones are better suited for winter and autumn.

6. In every person both female and male essences are present. Female energy in the man brings forward his feelings and intuition. Male energy in women stimulates creativity and activity. Often, one of the two is blocked. If you will carry a crystal on the left side of a body, it will stimulate Yin forces – a perceiving, emotional, listening part of your personality. A crystal on the right side of a body will boost your energy, self-confidence, vigour, ability to act according to your desires. If you wish to understand the essence of something – carry a crystal on the left side of your body; if you need to express your own essence - carry it on the right side. When you need to learn, study and remember something, hold a crystal in your left hand.

7. To clean stones from negative energy they have absorbed during days and weeks of being worn, submerge them in water on the last day before new moon (on 29th and 30th day of the lunar month). Use water from thawed ice. This rule does not extend to the amulet stones and to Amber

(*)   “Friendly” planets – the Sun, Jupiter, Venus
(**)  “Malicious” planets – Mars, Saturn
(***) “Neutral” planets – The Moon, Mercury

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