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how to wear gemstones

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1. Each finger of your hand is associated with a certain element: 

The Index finger is connected to the element of Fire, indicating strong will and authority;
The Middle finger is connected to the element of Earth, indicating relentless pursuit of one's goals;
The Ring finger is connected to the element of Air, indicating social contacts and communication;
The Little finger is connected to the element of Water, indicating importance of emotions and intuition;
The Thumb is connected to one's spiritual self.
YANG-stones (transparent and translucent) are worn on index or ring fingers. YIN-stones (not transparent or covered with specks) have their place on the middle finger or on the little finger.
However, exceptions exist for some stones:
  Sapphire is worn on index or ring fingers.
  Opals are worn only on the middle finger.
  Emerald and Moonstone are worn only on the little finger.

2. To improve the compatibility with a stone, it is necessary to consider also the following relation of each finger to a certain planet: 
  The Thumb is related to Venus
  The Index finger is related to Mars
  The Middle finger is related to Jupiter
  The Ring finger is related to Saturn
  The Little finger is related to the Sun 

3. If you need to counteract and weaken the energy of malicious(**) and powerful planet, you will need a specific metal (not a stone) of the opposite Zodiac sign to accomplish that.

For example, to weaken the Moon energy, you have to use a metal related to Saturn, which is titanium.

Here is the list of metals and their relationship to planets:

Gold Sun
Silver Moon
Cooper Venus
Iron Mars
Lead Saturn
Tin Jupiter
Silver-Tin Alloy Mercury

(**)  “Malicious” planets – Mars, Saturn

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