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gemstones, myths and legends

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About Stellar Sapphire

The most expensive Sapphire is a very rare Stellar Sapphire.
There is a legend about its appearance on the Earth. Once upon a time when on Ceylon there were impassable tropical forests with blossoming acacias, baobabs and evergreen coconuStar of India. Stellar Sapphiret palm trees, there lived a young man by name Dzhampal. He was so handsome, that women and girls were afraid to look at him. Dzhampal was a hunter. For hunting, his fellows took with them bows and arrows with the tips poisoned by snake poison, but Dzhampal was content with a boomerang. One day he decided to spend the night in the forest. But he could not sleep because a small asterisk twinkled over his head. The asterisk was so beautiful that Dzhampal fell in love with it. Now every evening he came to the same place and admired the asterisk. When at dawn the sky beGordon star sapphirecame dark blue the asterisk descended so low, that almost touched Dzhampal’s curly hair, and the young man whispered:
“Listen, a pre-dawn asterisk, be my guiding star”.
But the asterisk answered nothing and disappeared in a fog... The next evening Dzhampal came back to and discovered His lovely asterisk shining at him. Suddenly a black goat with a white spot on a forehead jumped out from a bush. The hunter threw the boomerang at him, but the goat turned his head and uttered a blaring roar. A whirlwind came off its spiral horns. It picked up a boomerang and begun to whirl it in air, lifting it higher and higher. High up in the sky, the boomerang struck a dark blue dome and chopped off a part of it together with the asterisk. When the piece of dome fell on the ground, it has been broken up into smithereens. One of the splinters fell toward Dzhampal ‘s legs. The young man picked it up. In a splinter of the dome which turned into Sapphire, his majestic asterisk was shining with a bright light.
That was a stellar sapphire.

About Ruby

Ruby is a sanguine transparent Corundum. Its native brother is Sapphire. BRubyest Rubies were mined in India, on Ceylon, and also in Burma and Thailand (Siam). Some Eastern nations call it “Lal". In Persia, Turkey and in other east countries “Lal” is also the name of Almandine, Garnet and other red and pink stones. Both in its hardness and in its value, Ruby is second only to Diamond. In the East people said “Ruby gives to its wearer force of a lion, fearlessness of an eagle and wisdom of a snake. It gives charms of love and passion. Ruby should not be shown to children and buffalos: the child may be frightened by its fiery colRosseror and the buffalo will get madly furious“.
There are many legends about Ruby. One Burmese legend tells about a beautiful and strong eagle Lal that lived high in mountains. Not only birds, but even chamoises and pronghorns avoided him. The “night robber” - fearful eagle-owl sat out in a hollow of old tree while the eagle flied above mountains. The years passed by and the eagle’s plumage started to turn grey. He still flew high above the mountains, though not twenty circles anymore, but only ten. Every year Lal reduced radius of his flights. And one day, he spread his wide wings, but could not come off the ground. Lal understood then, that his life approaches it's end. Now he could not catch up with a chamois or a roe anymore and could only devastate the bird's nests. Once, coming back in his cave, Lal saw an eagle-owl sitting without stirring when the eagle has flown by above him. The eagle-owl approached Lal and told him:
"Listen, fellow, let’s talk as equals. You are too old now to earn your living. I agree to share with you the mice and shrews, just do not touch my nestlings".
Lal answered nothing . The eagle-owl left but Lal was still sitting and thinking.
"There is time to be born and there is time to die" – decided Lal.
Gathering his remaining strength, Lal flew high up in the sky and there he has folded his wings. All the birds and animals saw him falling down, illuminated by the first rays of the rising sun, until his body struck the rocks below. The drops of eagle’s blood then turned into bright-red transparent stones.
That's how the noble sanguine Burmese Rubies were born.

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