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gemstones, myths and legends

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About Green Diamond

Dresden green diamondAs the legend says, Green Diamond became known for the first time in small town of Chartres in France. Here in Cartesian monDresden green diamondastery French monks prepared a Chartreuse liquor.  One of the monks, a taster, had a simple silver ring with small diamond. He tasted liquor by filling up the thimble but pretty soon he became drunk. So he decided to drip green liquor on the diamond and then lick it off. Having woken up next morning, the monk has looked at the diamond and has suddenly seen that it shines with bright green fire. The monk tried to wash it clean in sacred water, heated it on the candle, but nothing helped. Diamond has remained green forever.

About Indigo Diamond

The legenHoped about the first indigo diamond is connected with a name of the Portuguese seafarer Vasco da Gama, the first person to sail directly from Europe to India. On his way back from India, walking on the deck, he admired his White Diamond mounted in a heavy gold ring he bought recently. The ship cook passed by, slipped and accidentally pushed the captain.  The ring slid off the finger, rolled on the deck and fell in the ocean. Four years later, during his second travel to India, Vasco da Gama was passing with his caravels by the same waters where the ring has been lost. While the captain remembered with sadness his lost ring, in the cockpit the ship cook suddenly could not believe his eyes: in the opened belly of the golden mackerel caught by the sailors, he discovered the lost ring! Only the color of the diamond has changed. It became indigo - dark blue, as gulf of Guinea during dead calm before the storm.

About Red Diamond

The first Bright Red Diamond belonged to Aurangzeb.
Aurangzeb was remarkably pious and zealous. He was the ruler of the Mughal Empire from 16Moussaieff Red Diamond58 until 1707. In 1657 Shah Jahan - then the ruler of Mughal Empire - got very ill. Immediately a terrible struggle for the throne has begun between his four sons. Guileful Aurangzeb together with his younger brother Murad defeated two other brothers and executed them. The two winners then started to quarrel over two famous Diamonds, that in future will be called "Orlov" and "Shah". Aurangzeb suggested Murad to become the governor of Punjab , Afghanistan and Kashmir, instead of having these jewels, but Murad refused and began to plot a palace coup. Having leKazanjian red diamondarned about it, Aurangzeb ordered to seize the brother and to execute him.  Aurangzeb, at last, had the power and the crown of his dethroned father all to himself. He made an inventory of Shah’s riches, but could not find a 10-carat blue diamond. He sent for Shah Jahan and demanded an explanation. Shah answered, that the Diamond belongs to him, as it is his battle trophy, and Aurangzeb will never see it. Enraged Aurangzeb threw his father in prison and let him die there. As soon as the old Shah died, the chief of prison guards has brought the ring with blue Diamond to the new ruler. Aurangzeb impatiently grabbed the stone. But as he touched it, the Diamond immediately started to sparkle as a blood-red fire.

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