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gemstones and their magical properties

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In the past, jewellery was much more than a decoration and beauty object. Minerals and metals employed in the jewellery were selected and combined together to create a desired “magic” or “healing” effect, to bring help and protection against particular ills or enemies. Talismans and amulets were sought after as powerful instruments in the struggle with evil forces and different diseases, as important “magical tools”.

What are the “magical” properties that the minerals which compose various gemstones may possess? It is believed that minerals can accumulate and channel large amounts of energy to the wearer, as well as enclose and transmit to the outside various codes (information), fulfill protective functions, influence mood and temperament of its wearer, etc.
Most minerals combine not one, but several aspects of magical powers. After centuries of observations and studies it is possible today to distinguish between “happy”, “unhappy”, “friendly”, “unkind” stones, and so on.
Some stones, under special conditions, are capable to emit a powerful, coherent beam of light. This effect is known as laser radiation.
From various ancient sources we learn about miraculous crowns and necklaces decorated by gemstones (mainly Rubies and Diamonds) that were able to deeply affect mentality of the wearer.

The laser beam, although barely visible, can penetrate deeply into a living tissue.
For example, Alexandrite is capable to create such radiation continuously. Alexandrite laser is used in engineering to evaluate the temperature and pressure of gaseous environment. Installed in the front part of airplane, an Alexandrite gage warns pilots about possible turbulence in advance.
Laser effect may indeed be the source of many magical properties of gemstones. Special method of photography (developed by Kirlian) revealed that different crystals have different radiation spectra. Even crystals of the same mineral have strictly individual radiation. In fact, each crystal has its own “energy encryption”, “crystal fingerprints”.

Besides emitting its own radiation, many crystals have the ability to change – absorb, reflect and redirect an external radiation, in particular sunlight. As the result , we observe colors and color changes in gemstones. Many precious and semiprecious stones are transparent and have a strong shine, it means they have an ability to absorb and reflect and consequently, to change radiant energy. Scientists have established that color of minerals is connected to ions of the elements capable at insignificant external influence to give up electrons, entering in a crystal lattice.

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