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gemstones and their healing properties

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 Red color is stirring up, stimulating, vivifying. It promotes erythrocytes’ formation and normalizes low blood pressure, boosts immune system.

 Orange color stirs up activity of the endocrine gland, promotes strengthening of pulmonary tissue.

 Yellow - strengthens nervous system, increases excretion of gastric juice and improves digestion.

Green color accelerates formation and growth of cells, promotes regeneration of tissues and formation of muscular fibres, increases protective properties of the body, calms mind and normalizes heartbeat.

Blue color is inconsistent. It calms down vigorous people and normalizes their blood pressure and heartbeat. For shy person blue is a color of a deep shock.

Dark blue color raises vital force of the body, promotes restoration of the nervous system, strengthens ability to concentrate and may even contain absent-mindedness.

 Grey color may cause apathy.


Color affects people even when their eyes are closed. In the environment of bright-red color pulse becomes more frequent; in the environment of various shades of dark blue color it is slowed down, and drowsiness installs. For people with heart disease green color has a healthy effect, skin illnesses recover faster under yellow shade, and patients in dark blue chambers feel their headaches relieved.

Similar effects hold for the gemstones: dark blue and green gemstones are the amulets protecting from most terrible illnesses including choleras, plagues, leprosy. Red gemstones are worn as amulets protecting from infectious diseases.
The modern use of Ruby is quite interesting. Its laser radiation (a red beam) has found application in cosmetology: it is used for painless removal of tattoos.

Many of us had once this experience: we owned a piece of jewellery for a long time but didn’t consider it as something “special”. Then one day it is lost. We begin to search for it relentlessly - not that we regret the money paid, but we suddenly miss the gem - which already started to influence us. Its loss is a loss of energy source.

How to make the gemstone help us? The easiest way is always to have your gemstone with you. Try to find some time for a short meditation sessions. Sit down, turn on quiet music, take the gemstone in your hands, close your eyes, try not to think about “the dinner you have to prepare this evening for your family of 5”. Instead try to feel the gemstone and the warm, calming, friendly energy it brings you.

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