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gemstones and their healing properties

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In the wild, there is a documented phenomenon of animals consuming particular minerals. It was noticed among wolves, dears, elks, etc. It was suggested that animals lick salt as their food may lack sodium. However, it was discovered that the stones consumed by the animals often donít have any salt. Apparently the animals ingest something else from stones. Human beings are no exception. For example, the "mineral" or "source" water we drink nowadays has a very particular mineral content, depending on its specific source. This tiny amount of minerals may have a considerable effect on our health.

Can the stones really influence our health?

In the Middle Ages using powdered minerals to treat various ailments was widely accepted. Modern pharmaceuticals, apparently, completely ignore this kind of therapy. Nevertheless, even today the stones of Smoky Quartz, Diamond and Amber are used as ingredients in the Tibetan medicine.

Medical properties of Amber are indeed very interesting. It was said that no "such illness exists that Amber would not heal". The Amber was taken internally to help with metabolism deficiencies, hearing problems, and stomach ailments. In Poland the Amber tincture is still considered an effective remedy for colds, throat and respiratory problems. The Amber powder is inhaled to bring relief from acute respiratory disease. Amber pieces are given to babies to chew when they have their first teeth appear. How to explain Amberís healing powers? It turns out that Amber contains up to 8 weight percent of the amber acid, which has vitamin-like properties. By enhancing endocellular metabolism, the amber acid brings about general improvement of body condition, slows down ageing processes, and normalizes cardiac blood circulation.

Another side of the healing power of gemstones is related to the psychotherapy of color. It is known that colors affect our brain, and through it - our whole body.

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