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gemstones and chakras

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To make your charkas well-balanced, lay down, put crystals (with one spike, pointed up to head) on corresponding chakras for 10 minutes. Repeat this exercise twice a week it will give more energy to cells of your body.

If you have only one crystal (it is better to be Rock Crystal or colorless Quartz) start from Muladhara moving the crystal up to Sahasrara and leaving it on each charka for about 3-5 minutes. 




To feel healthy, calm, well-balanced, capable to resolve problems, to make chakras harmonized use two Quartz crystals with one spike each.
1. Lay down and be at ease
2. One crystal put near your head with spike pointed to head, the second one put at your legs with spike pointed to body.
3. During several minutes visualize your energy system
4. Be attentive if you fill resentment or another negative emotion.
5. You can ask yourself what the difficulty to solve this problem is. Most likely you will get an intuitive answer.
In any case, even if you won’t be able to perform the 4th and 5th task, the energy stream between two crystals will harmonize your chakras.

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