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gemstones and chakras

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Specific crystals correspond to certain chakra, their wearing (carrying) improves chakras’ balance. However it is necessary to be respectful to this kind of talismans. Crystal formations easily absorb energy. Hence, your crystal also will accumulate negative energy and will not be slow to return it to you in the future.

It is better to carry crystals under clothes so that they adjoined to a skin. Thus you protect them (partially) from negative influences of strangers. From time to time you have to clean up your crystals. For this purpose hold a crystal top downwards and wash it out in cold water for about a minute.
It is quite clear, that crystals of a certain color correspond to certain chakras. Hence, a crystal of red color is to be worn for “improvement of state of health” of Muladhara, and an orange stone - for correction of Svadhisthana. Many people carry with themselves (on themselves) crystals of Quartz (Rock Crystal). Transparent Quartz comprises all colors of a rainbow, hence, is beneficial for all chakras.


If you are tired and your need more energy do the following: Take a crystal of quartz in each hand. In the left hand the crystal’s spike is directed to a wrist, and in right hand - from a wrist. In 5-10 minutes you will be "lighted up" as a bulb! If you have only one crystal it can be made by turns. It doesn’t matter what hand will be the first. What is important, is that in the left hand a crystal’s spike will point to a wrist, and in right hand - from a wrist.


If you feel, that you cannot realize your abilities, and it disturbs you try the following scheme:

1. For strengthening vital force and energy use Hematite, for strengthening belief in self abilities use Bloodstone. Both of them put on Muladhara.
2. Use crystal of Quarts (with one spike pointed up) to activate movement of energy through charkas.
3. Those wanted to be relieved from stress should put Aventurine on Svadhisthana.
4. To become more optimistic and get clear mind put Citrine on Manipura.
5. Rose Quartz putted on Anahata will increase your self-esteem; Tourmaline and Nephrite makes you more balanced.
6. Aquamarine, Turquoise and grey-blue Agate on Vissuddha will grant you the ability of self-expression.
7. Amethyst placed on Ajna absorbs negative energy.
During the exercises try to concentrate on an image of possible change in destiny - successful, bringing satisfaction.

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