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gemstones, amulets and talismans

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It was considered, that images on the stones strengthened stone’s “magical” influence on the person.

However to achieve the maximum force, the image’s property should correspond to the stone’s properties, otherwise advantages will be weakened.

Thus the image of a dragon on a Ruby or another stone with similar properties, possesses force to increase wealth and provides the owner with joy and health.

The figure of a falcon on Topaz helps to get favour of kings, princes and magnates.

The image of an astrolabe on Sapphire brings wealth and provides the wearer with ability to predict the future.

 The figure of a lion engraved on Garnet, will protect honour and health: it heals the owner of all illnesses, brings him respect and guards against dangers.

The figure of donkey on Chrysolite enables the owner to guess and predict the future.

The figure of frog on Beryl will reconcile bitter enemies and bring harmony to those in feud.

The figure of lion or Sagittarius on Jasper serves as an antidote against poisons and heals fever.

The figure of person with a sabre on Carnelian protects a place where the stone is from thunder and lightning, and its owner - from blemish. 

The figure of a swallow on Moonstone brings peace and harmony among the people.

The amulet which brings protection against “evil eye” is the engraved Sardonyx with an eye in the center, surrounded by the attributes of all deities - patrons of days of week:

Sunday - day of the Sun - represents by the lion,
Monday - day of Moon - a deer,
Tuesday - day of Mars - a scorpion,
Wednesday - day of Mercury - a dog,
Thursday - day of Jupiter - a lightning,
Friday - day of Venus - a snake and
Saturday - day of Saturn - an owl.

The owner of such an amulet is therefore protected from an “evil eye” at any time.

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