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gemstones, amulets and talismans

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Use of precious and semi-precious stones as amulets and talismans is mentioned in many ancient manuscripts.
The person carried a stone has been convinced, that the stone he is carrying not only brings him healing, but also influences his fate, brings him love, health and wealth. It was believed that powerful spirits dwell inside the stones.
A TALISMAN is capable to get "magical" forces to help the owner.
One legend has it that talisman was invented by a giant who lived before Flood. Using the talisman, this giant was able to influence the fortune of people who asked him for help.
Not only can your Zodiac sign stone be your talisman, but also any jewellery you like. Such stones-talismans were always very valued.
It is known that a Roman senator Nonie has preferred to resign his land and wealth, fall into disgrace and expatriation, to giving to Mark Anthony the ring with Opal he owned.

Another interesting story about talisman relates to the famous Russian singer Chaliapin. It so happened that his favourite partner, Ylka Popova, has lost her voice. To help her, Chaliapin gave her his talisman ring with a Diamond stone. He reassured her that the ring, that once belong to Peter the Great provides the guarantee of perfect voice and good fortune. She believed the story, took the ring and was so much impressed by its “magical” properties that she actually decided to never return it to the owner. As a matter of fact, she never lost her voice again.

Right choice of talisman is a very important point. For example, expansive, violent, short-tempered people should avoid “adjuvant” stones (usually red-coloured). For example, Ruby can provoke such a person to acts. On the contrary, when it is carried by a shy, timid person it wakes up his will to win, drives away melancholy, and boosts his vitality. Opal is good to melancholic person. It gives him hope, helps out of depression. Turquoise suits everyone. As a talisman it will stimulates all the good sides of its owner.

Unlike a talisman, AMULET protects its owner against undesirable influences from outside. It also holds in and smoothes internal negative impulses which can harm its owner. Amulet is supposed to be worn under clothes, away from stranger’s sight.

One of the first stone amulets  was an axe. The axe was identified with force, authority, power.

Among all the amulets the most popular were ones in form of heart. Usually they were made from Carnelian, green Jasper, Basalt, Lapis Lazuli. The heart, which was considered a life center in ancient Egypt, was a subject of special respect also after death. They placed it in a special vessel and buried with a mummified corpse. Egyptians believed that only after heart of the deceased will be weigh on weights of true in an underground empire, it again can take the place in the body. Heart was represented symbolically with a scarab. Scarab is an insect of black color. It postpones the eggs in manure, having collected in lump and rolls them up by back paws in a ball. The ancient people already saw such ball in the sky. It was the Sun. Egyptians thought that it slides on the sky and imagined that it is enormous, invisible to them, scarab works there. Egyptians have made the scarab an emblem of the world, paternity and the human been. They didn’t know anything about postponed eggs, but guessed the ball had some connection to the immortality of a scarab. So scarab personified the people’s dream of immortality. The Roman legionaries frequently carried rings with scarabs because they believed these rings will give them courage and force.

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