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fortune-telling using gemstones

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Fortune-telling using Hyacinth necklace

Ancient Syrians used this fortune-telling procedure before going on a huntiHyacinthng or fishing expedition, in order to foresee its outcome.
Nowadays this type of fortune-telling can be useful for those in desperate need of success - for example, a businessman before an important meeting or students before final exams.

Put on a Hyacinth (Jacinth) necklace (on the neck or in your left pocket) and wear it for two-three days.

Then count the number of beads and add this number to the date of your decisive day.

Fortune-telling using Turquoise beads

This anciTurquoiseent fortune-telling was used by young girls that wanted to learn the age of their future husband.

Collect three Turquoise strands: whitish, blue and green. Put them in a bag with a small hole in it. Throw the bag up into the air.
If whitish beads dropped out, it means the girl will marry the guy younger then her.
Blue beads she will marry the guy of the same age.
Green beads her future husband will be much older then her.

If all three strands dropped out of the bag - she will have wide choice.
Green and blue strands mean that after becoming widow she will marry again.
Blue and whitish strands mean that she will have both a husband and a lover.

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