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fortune-telling using gemstones

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Fortune-telling using Cat's Eye, Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye beads

Take necklace made with Cat’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye stones, blindfold yourself and count beads clockwise - counting to 33. Cat's Eye, Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye beads

If you stopped at Cat’s Eye bead it means that in the coming year you’ll have luck in love.

Tiger’s Eye bead means health and wealth.

Hawk’s Eye bead signifies good fortune and safe way out of the critical situations.

You can use this fortune–telling only once a year.

Fortune-telling using Pearl necklace

PearlYou can use this fortune-telling when you have problems with your loved one and you would like to know whether your relationship will break up or not.
For this fortune-telling you will need rain water, paper and pearl necklace. Before starting the fortune-telling, put on the necklace and wear it during nine days.
When the young moon appears in the skies, start the fortune-telling.
Pour rain water into the bowl, put a piece of paper on its surface, take off the necklace, roll it on a table for a while and place it on the paper saying: “Necklace, pearls you are my tears, tell me if he (she) is still in love with me”. Repeat these words three times.
If the beads will sink together with the paper you should expect a break-up in the nearest future. If the beads will remain on the surface you shouldn’t worry.

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