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different methods to choose gemstones

How to choose your stone? The most important criterion in choosing gem is your own attraction to it. You have to like it. This alone may be sufficient, as people often subconsciously feel whether the gem is suitable for them or not. However, if you want to choose it even more precisely, then your should be guided by one (or several) selection criteria. There are hundreds of such criteria; some of them quite ancient, while others were created recently. You will find a few of the most popular methods of gem selection on this site. Hopefully they will make your choice easier.

Choosing gemstone by numerology

Visiting our interactive page you will immediately discover your PERSONAL gemstone (s) according to your date of birth and your NAME.  Attention: you should insert here the name or nickname, which you believe is most closely associated with you, best reflects your inner self. more...

Choosing gemstone by blood group

Stones exert influence on us not only according to our horoscope, but also according to the blood group.
Each blood group is represented by stones of the certain colors.
Take an advantage of the following recommendations to pick up the stone that corresponds to your blood group. more...

Choosing gemstone by element

According to the western esoteric system, all things in the nature are a combination of four elements - Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
Transparent stones are connected to the energy of Yang, and opaque – with the energy of Ying. Thus, transparent and translucent stones are connected with the elements of FIRE and AIR, opaque – with the elements of WATER and EARTH. more...

Choosing gemstone by planet

The influence of planets can be channelled to the person through seven "planetary" metals. The combination of gold and silver in jewellery symbolizes a unification of a body and spirit, realization and emotions, connection of the man’s and woman’s origins,  and full harmony. more...

Choosing gemstone by profession

Since Antiquity, various stones were recommended as talismans for certain professions, granting the owner success in his professional field. more...

Choosing gemstone by Zodiac

One of the first written sources that mentioned the precious stones, was the Bible. Thus begun the cult of so-called “stones of months”. more...


Choosing gemstone by weekday

For each day of the week there exist certain stones and metals that can be used in a jewelry worn as a talisman for that day. more...

Different charts for choosing gemstone

by eyes color  |  by month  |  by hour  |  by lunar day  |  by zodiac

by Chinese zodiac  |  by day of vitality  |  by anniversary

by season

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