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choosing gemstone by weekday

For each day of the week there exist certain gemstones and metals that can be used in a jewelry worn as a talisman for that day. Talisman serves as a conductor of energy and a “guardian”. It is easy to define, based on color and shape, what kind of energy the stone is capable to channel to its wearer . Some gemstones are capable to conduct energy of several planets at once; in such case the same gemstone can serve as a talisman in several days of the week.

Each day of the week corresponds to a certain planet. Wearing an appropriate gemstone for that day is believed to bring success in affairs and fulfillment of goals.

Talismans of Sunday

are based on gold jewelry, as it is a metal of Sun and it is though to be particularly active on Sunday. It’s good to wear any yellow or orange stones on Sundays, preferably placing them close to heart - as the Sun operates on heart, and the heart indeed is the first organ to capture a solar energy.
An example of such talisman can be golden brooch with Amber.
Best gems for Sunday: yellow Diamond, Hyacinth (Jacinth), Zircon, Topaz, Rock Crystal

Talismans of Monday

are jewels made of silver - a metal controlled by Moon , the sovereign of Monday. Moon is a planet of Water element; therefore talismans of Monday can be any non-faceted stones of pastel colors, which should be placed preferably at the level of stomach as the Moon operates this organ.
The Water element is connected to dark blue color, so that talismans of Monday are stones of dark blue variety.
Best gems for Monday: Pearl, Moonstone

Talismans of Tuesday

can use iron, as iron is operated by Mars - the master of Tuesday. A talisman-Stone for that day should have the color corresponding to the warrior Mars, a color of anger and passion: red or claret. As Mars is connected to the head, the Tuesday talisman is best worn as hairpins or earrings.
Best gems for Tuesday: Ruby, Jasper, Carnelian, Sardonyx

Talismans of Wednesday

are subjects from alloys with Mercury. Mercury is thought to be active on Wednesday. In particular, it is able to resolve problems related to metabolism and interpersonal communications.
The best talisman for this day is Aventurine, which is a stone with pronounced properties of Mercury. You can also wear any stone of a green shade; motley stones with holes and any transparent stones. Mercury manages metabolism, respiratory system and mobile parts of a body, therefore the Wednesday talismans are better to be worn at the level of lungs, on fingers or wrists.
Best gems for Wednesday: Amazonite, Turquoise, Blue Zircon, Topaz

Talismans of Thursday

are made of tin - metal of Jupiter, the guardian of Thursday, and also the jewels made from several kinds of metals or stones. Jupiter is a planet of expansion; therefore talismans for Thursday should be rather large and worn on several parts of body.
Thursday talismans are complete sets including earrings, necklaces, a bracelet and a ring. Men can wear several rings - with different stones, mounted in different metals.
Best gems for Thursday: Aquamarine, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli

Talismans of Friday

are copper-based, as copper is related to Venus, which is the sovereign of Friday.
The Friday talismans can include any stone of gentle, but not too pale color. The best colors for Friday are Earth color - brown, and sensuality color - pink. Venus controls throat and gullet problems, therefore the talismans for Friday are best worn on the neck, in the form of short necklaces, or pendants on a short chain.
Best gems for Friday: Emerald, Chrysoprase, Chrysolite, Peridot

Talismans of Saturday

use lead - metal of Saturn, the guardian of Saturday. Saturn is a planet related to regular shapes, strictness, tests, punishments, obstacles - therefore Saturday talismans are any faceted stones of a meteoric origin, or any opaque stones.
On Saturday it is preferable to wear stones of Saturn’s colors - black or grey.
Best gems for Saturday: Agate, Gagate

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