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choosing gemstone by profession

Since Antiquity, various stones were recommended as talismans for certain professions, granting the owner success in his professional field.
To gardeners, farmers, people working and connected with earth and agriculture - Agate;
 To merchants, bankers - Chrysoprase or Chrysolite, mounted in gold;
To scientists - Malachite;
To physicians and healers - Lapis Lazuli;

To Seafarers - Emerald or Aquamarine;
To artists (painters in particular) - Tourmaline;

To bishops - violet Amethyst (it helped to convert the souls of non-believers);
Chaldean or Babylonian magician would not begin his prophecy, without a ring with Bloodstone or a Moonstone;
People of military professions preferred a Garnet or a Heliotrope as a stone-talisman - in the hope they will grant them courage and victory in battle;

It was believed that astrologists and foretellers strengthened their abilities by constantly wearing Chrysolite;

Favourite stone of kings and queens was Sardonyx;

Onyx was considered a stone of leaders and commanders;

Chinese monarchs preferred Nephrite which in China was considered "a sacred stone";
Philosophers preferred Beryl; travelers also choose this stone as their talisman;
To win in competitions, fighters put on bracelets with Carnelian;

Prostitutes, leaving for "work", put on a ring with the red Hyacinth (ostensibly preventing conception);
Amazonite was a talisman of housewives and a guardian of home;

Scientists and ecclesiastics benefited from counting Coral beads;
There was even a talisman for cards players. Alexandrite was supposed to provide them with a winning streak;
Success in sport competitions was brought by Nephrite and Jadeite.

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