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choosing gemstone by color

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violet color

The violets have uncommon, out-of-ordinary personalities. They seek freedom, independence, and open spaces. Their life is full of unexpected turns. Sometimes they seem to be dreaming, sometimes they are set to fly – apparently, to the Sun. Violet color
"Violets" are sociable and seek intellectual and spiritual exchange. They are highly developed intellectually, which may be somewhat intimidating for the people around them. Therefore they are always on the lookout for their equals, as they suffer from the lack of high-tension environments.

Violets are attracted to everything mysterious and unexplained and they strive to solve these mysteries. They like speed and are not afraid of dangers. While they are highly intellectual, they are not particularly strong physically.

Amethyst and Charoite gemstones tend to fortify the qualities of "violets". Amber, Carnelian and yellow Quartz strengthen them in body and spirit. Intense physical workouts are not recommended for violets, but eastern-style exercises (such as tai-chi) and vegetarian cuisine will benefit them.

black color

Quite a few people are strongly attracted to the black color.
"Blacks" are always ready to fight, they are constantly under the spell of fire and passion. Their feelings often border on the extreme. Black is a color of rebellion, a symbol of night, peril and resurrection, a sign of the subconscious and of death.
Black color
Due to this burning fire of passions in their heart, the "Blacks" tend to misread the reality - the grey, plain facts and truths of the day-to-day life. As a result, they often fail in their endeavors and suffer greatly.

The sexual sphere is very important in their life. They are the passionate rulers of the night. They love deeply and their love is often returned and rewarded.

Whatever their goal, the blacks will persevere and advance despite all the obstacles.

A small black agate or obsidian stone will strengthen their standing; a white stone will soften their character; a green gemstone (Emerald, Chrysoprase, Amazonite, light Malachite) will have a calming effect upon them.
A diet low in meat is recommended for the "blacks".

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