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choosing gemstone by color

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green color

Dark-greens are stubborn and persevering. Dark-green coupled with gold is a combination typical for bankers. Dark-greens are the Producers. They are well-gGreen colorrounded, wealthy and balanced. Dark-greens enjoy the quiet and love nature. Some of them are very successful architects.
Dark-greens are both introverted and stubborn. This aggressive stubbornness can negatively affect those around them. Dark greens are also sophisticated and refined and they are able to reach heights in both spiritual and physical development. They would be recommended to be more delicate and accept the fact that people around them may have differing opinions. That would help them to acquire friends and avoid communication problems. Dark greens seem very secure and invulnerable on the outside. Sexual life is very important for them. They may be hurt significantly if unsuccessful in this area. Dark greens are strong-willed, able to overcome any obstacles. Only an eloquent and convincing argument can make them change their mind.
As for the gemstones - the advice for the dark greens is the same as for other colors: to preserve or enhance their traits they should wear the jewelry of their color, with rather small stones; to complement their character with missing traits they may wear yellow, red or white stones. The rose Quartz is the best choice.
Light-Greens are mostly nice, cooperative people, tasteful and tender. They have a developed sense of justice and partnership. They are very intelligent and responsive. Light-Greens often say exactly what others expect, although they donít really know how to listen to others. Unlike dark-greens, they are relaxed, open and sociable. Light green is a color of youth, spring , and fleeting happiness.
To stabilize and enhance the light green character, dark-green gems are recommended Ė malachite, (dark) Nephrite, Jadeite, also stones of honey-brown hue Ė Jasper, Agate, Carnelian. Red stones will null the effects of light-green ones.

yellow color

Yellow is a color of the pagan god RA, and the color of the Sun, which radiates warmth, power, energy and life.
Yellow colorYellows are creative beings, strong-spirited and strong-willed. These are Lions - power-seekers that know how to focus power and will and project it as needed.
They find success in science as well as on the stage. They know how to labour and to produce, but also how to rest and bring relaxation to themselves and others.
Yellows often reach fulfillment both in material and in spiritual spheres.
Yellows are open to life and tend to have many dazzling experiences. They are smart and sensitive, sometimes hypersensitive; they seek happiness and often approach it due to their relentless perseverance. They are generous, revered by their friends, but also patient and persevering.
Yellows generate envy and they may need an adequate supply of humility resources in order not to exhibit their natural condescendence.
An intense, concentrated Yellow transforms into Orange. The "Oranges" possess additional gifts in love and sex.
For the "yellows" we suggest all the gems of Lion, and also a green range for serenity. Chrysolites in gold setting, as well as the white and violet stones Ė intended for spiritual growth, are recommended.

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