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choosing gemstone by color

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What about the fans of green, brown and violet and other colors? What kind of gemstones will benefit them?

brown color

The “browns” are well-balanced, thorough and organized. They are the knoBrown colorwledge-seekers. They like solitude and silence. Other traits may include frugality, endurance and certain austerity/ascetism. Well-grounded, they are not averse to power and some may pursue it . They don’t impress on the first sight, but you will find them very reliable - true friends in a tight spot.
They are active in love and invest their time in it. Browns tend to ponder the world problems and are often afraid to loose their self-control. They will pursue their goals with admirable perseverance, whatever those goals are. Brown is the color of maturity. The beautiful brown Jaspers and Agates will help browns to achieve their goals. A carnelian with a honey nuance will help them in love.

grey color

The dark-grey color is associated with logical reasoning, strong attraction to science, medicine aGrey colornd technological challenges, as well as well-developed troubleshooting skills. The dark-grey color has a purifying aspect to it. It may appear in dreams, when problems – be it health, love or business, are about to be solved. The “dark-greys” strive for order; they have everything organised, both in the outside world and in their mind. They are known to be thorough and demanding, but they are the ones to which it is wise to turn for help when complex issues need to be resolved. They will offer a sound analysis of the events and people's behavior - including their own. The dark-greys can be exceptionally successful in almost any field. They are very creative and should escape environments which will constrain or inhibit them.
In sexual sphere the dark-greys know how to shake off the constraints. If disappointed in love, they bounce back rather easily. The red stones will brighten their appearance, as well as inject them with energy, vigour and winning attitude. Garnet, red Ruby and red Carnelian are recommended. A red Coral will protect them against the evil eye.

The light-greys are smart, fast and active. They make friends easily due to their openness. They hate boundaries of any kind, including those they may create themselves. As a result, they shun obstacles, seeking to make their life easier. They find it hard to concentrate, so meditation is not their strong point. On the other hand, they have a rich imagination and a good taste. They are very sociable, although some will think erroneously that they lack warmth or depth in their relationship. It only appears so as the light-greys are somewhat shy.

Light-grey is the color of youth, energy and fast movement; sometimes it also means evading issues, running from one’s own self. Light-greys are very impressionable, they will suffer from noise and hot climate.

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