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choosing gemstone by color

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rose color

These are "soft Reds" - always dreaming and waiting for a miracle to happen. They are gentle and relaxed, dreaming of heavenly love and preferring the homely Rose colorwarmth to adventures. Looking through the rose-colored glasses keeps the real world away and helps them to stay calm. An encounter with reality may be catastrophic. Soft Reds may often disappoint others, as they overestimate their strength and tend to promise more than they can accomplish. They are able to forget rough patches fast and often live long lives.
To nurture their preferred state of mind - reflective and daydreaming, they should choose mildly violet hues of Amethyst and Charoite. Physical and mental abilities are stimulated by yellow gems, while white Agate brings them back to the “real” life.
Their delicate and sophisticated spirit is emphasized by a string of Pearls, evoking youth & kindness.

light blue color

Light blue colorFans of this color are born travelers. They seek knowledge, are often religious, sensitive to para-sensory experiences. Many of them serve in the military, some are devoted horse-riders. If they wish to boost their power and energy, they may add to their blue hue the yellow stones - Amber and Citrine.

dark blue color

Dark blue is a color of artists. The DB usually succeed in their endeavours, and attain fame and wealth. They like life, are energetic, and adore children. They feel like actors and as such they crave recognition. If they like their job, they excel at it. They enjoy traveling and often take the role of a guide. Their gems are blue, but in orDark blue colorder to relax they need white gems. DB fans can also choose gems of this hue, but also the blue ones - Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire, and a white Coral to reinforce femininity. DB fans are dreamers, romantics and travelers. They like sea and water in general. They are good communicators and have many friends. LB is a color of womanhood, motherhood, security and strong family ties. For DB their mother is the closest person in the world, they are devoted to her and adore her. If mother was cold to them in childhood, it leaves the trace for life. They hate solitude and suffer if they have to confront it. They give a lot and ask a lot in return.
They are popular and loved, like to deal with things that unite people, as politics and religion, and usually follow traditions. They are rather moderate in the sexual sphere, being more attracted by emotional and intellectual challenges. They are charming and generous, and to reinforce that silver jewelry with gems of appropriate color should be recommended: LB Turquoise, LB Aquamarine, Pearls and Opals with a blue glow.

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