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choosing gemstone by color

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A certain color can bring back memories of the happiest moments of your life. It may also remind you about past sorrow, suffering, and lost love. So many emotions can be aroused in our consciousness by colors. Our sensitivity depends on colors themselves, their hue, saturation and brightness, as well as our own preferences, temperament and health.
We tend to avoid some colors instinctively, as they seem to bring about discomfort and anxiety. There are other colors, those we would rather call friendly - we would like to see them around us more often - in clothes, jewellery, and house interiors. Choosing gemstone by color
Psychologists may use a person's favourite color as a key to his character, mindset, and even to his physical health. This color preference is a result of established color associations and may also depend on local traditions, personal temperament, sex and family history. It is also believed by some that color preferences are biologically ingrained or could be related to planetary influences.
Children are attracted by bright and pure colors (red, blue, yellow). Any color outside the rainbow spectrum will draw child's attention as well.
The color preferences evolve with age, and we tend to find "colder" colors more attractive.

white color

Fans of wWhite palettehite are excitable, have well-developed imagination, and often tend to be religious. They yearn for peace and calm, but can carry opposing traits of being close and far - empathy and disengagement. They are dreamers, ready to reach up to the stars, or down to the drugs.
“Whites” have a knack for paranormal abilities. They combine the strength of the Lion with the caution of the Snake. Jealousy and similar vices are their opposites. To achieve inner calm and balance they should choose rather large gems of green hue - Amazonite in particular.
To reinforce their natural traits, Whites may choose jewelry with white gems (Pearls, white Onyx, Opal). To improve their mood, they should select gems with bright colors, depending on their magic and healing properties.

red colorRed color

Fans of red are passionate leaders. Their ability to lead may be hindered by the strength of their emotions and ambitions. They are not prone to regrets. They like life and tend to get what they wish. Red is a color of animal passion. Reds may engage in hunting, sports, and racing. They may be as virtuous as saints, or as vicious as the bloodiest tyrants. Reds are multipolar and multifaceted, explosive but calming down fast. To strengthen such qualities, jewelry with rather small red gems is recommended.

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