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Talismans related to pregnancy

One of the legends of the Ancient Rome claims that Juno, the goddess of birth or midwifery and wife of the all-mighty Jupiter, once seeded the Earth with a multitude of gems, small and large. Those gems were destined by Juno to assist women in childbearing and to serve Juno - Roman goddessas their guardians through pregnancy, labor and lactation.

In some regions of Asia, ancient tradition recommends presenting both the expecting mother, and later her baby, with gemstones of different varieties. In many cultures and countries of old, people attempted to influence the mysterious, hidden and apparently magic ways of childbearing with a similarly magic properties of gems and natural minerals.

One of the beliefs emphasizes magic properties of the Ruby. A ring with Ruby worn on a little finger was believed to help women to conceive, whereas earrings or a pendant with Ruby were thought to be beneficial during pregnancy. However, Ruby should be removed during the labor itself, as it is believed to induce hemorrhaging.
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Talisman for harmonious life and spiritual enrichment

Goddess MaatSometimes a small brooch or a clasp-pin with a bee on it will remind us of the vast world of symbols and meanings associated with this "domesticated" insect. The bees have so many wonderful and often unusual abilities - organizing themselves in huge but perfectly coordinated communities, building complex structures out of wax, breathing differently from other animals and reproducing differently, too. Bees can hibernate in winter and return to busy life in spring.
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Pyramid talismans

Anyone watching the ancient Giza pyramids Pyramidfeels inexplicably attracted by their majestic, regular geometric shapes.
It was only in the last centuries that a few theories appeared suggesting possible effects a pyramidal shape can have on humans and even objects.
It is said that the pyramids may represent a unique source of life force, capable in certain conditions to recharge the human body with positive energy.
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