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Element Air

Topaz is a symbol of prudence and foresight, friendship and love, hoTopaz Gemstonenesty and fidelity, tenderness and purity. Topaz stones can be found in a wide range of colors including red, orange, peach, pink, gold, yellow, brown and clear. The most valuable are red-violet and red-orange Topazes.

Talismans & amulets

As a talisman, Topaz gives to the person honesty, objectivity, releases its wearer from the grip of rough and dangerous passions. It was worn as a talisman by diplomats as it was believed that it helps to discover secret plans of your opponents and to make an informed decision. 

Healing properties

It was believed that this stone helps to chase away insomnia, brings down high blood pressure, helps to heal asthma. It is better to keep Topaz away from bright light where it fades. 

Magical properties

It is a stone of internal enlightenment; it is used as protection against insomnia and “evil eye”. Topaz helps to uncover secrets. It protects from lies, brings beauty to women, and prudence to men. To those who were born in November, Topaz brings friendship and love, to those born in May - fertile imagination. It was believed that Topaz is capable to calm a storming sea. It offers to men wisdom, generosity, and intelligence, and to women - beauty and fertility. Topaz also brings wealth to its wearer. Topaz is a stone of optimists. It is a stone of businessmen and detectives; they are advised to wear Topaz on the left hand as it will help them to find a way out of impasse. It is a stone of philosophers and scientists as it increases the intellectual abilities and sharpness of the wearer. Pink Topaz is a symbol of hope. Yellow Topaz is a stone of enlightenment, symbol of happiness.


Chakra Three: Manipura

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