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Element Air

Sapphire is a symbol of wisdom and authority. Its color can exhibitSapphire Gemstone all shades of blue and also varies from light blue to almost black. Jewelers call any colored corundum - from yellow to green and from light pink to violet (except red!) a Sapphire, preceding it by its color (as in Green Sapphire). The most valuable Sapphire is Stellar Sapphire. Three crossed lines with bright point in the middle symbolize Faith, Hope and Love - the basics of human life. Astrologists consider blue Sapphire a stone of Saturn, and yellow Sapphire - a stone of Jupiter.

Talismans & amulets

Sapphire is considered a very powerful amulet - it protects against envy and perfidy, strengthens memory, awakens a thirst for knowledge, arouses inspiration. That is why it is often cold a “talisman of wisdom”. Ancient Teutons believed that it helps to achieve victory, but only to those whose thoughts are pure. Sapphire protects against evil eye and curses. Even if the stone will be sold, lost, or presented to somebody, it will continue to render positive influence on the former owner, assist magic force is enormous. As a talisman of wisdom, sapphire grants secret authority to its wearer, promotes spiritual development, guards against slander. It was considered a stone of young nuns. It cools passion and clears soul at a time of a prayer, brings comfort. It also makes the wearer determined and courageous. Sapphire attracts friends and repels enemies. In antiquity it was believed that to put a charm on a man, woman should put a Sapphire in his wine. Stellar Sapphire is a talisman that brings success.

Healing properties

Wearing a ring or a bracelet with Sapphire on the left hand strengthens health; a ring on the left hand brings relief from asthma, heart conditions and neuralgia. In India it is used to treat epilepsy, eczema and ailments of uterus. Placing a Sapphire stones in the mouth will dampen feeling of thirst. Sapphire is effective for treatment of neurological and skin diseases. Its violet radiation “animates and clears nervous blood ", stirs up activity of hypophysis, influences the endocrine system. Sapphire was also used as a treatment of chronic diseases, especially osteochondrosis, arthritis, spondylosis, paralysis and paresis after stroke.

Magical properties

Since old days various magic properties were attributed to Sapphire - such as ability to protect and heal its wearer, to develop his talents and best qualities. This stone of heavenly clearness and purity was believed to bring to its wearer judiciousness and prudence.


Chakra Five: Vissuddha and Chakra Six: Ajna

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