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Element Earth

One of the most ancient stones ever used in jewellery and ornMalachiteaments. Malachite mines were developed in Egypt around 4000 B.C. It was used to prepare cosmetic and eye ointments. In Ancient Egypt Malachite was devoted to goddess Hathor - the goddess of beginning and continuation of life. That is why Malachite was considered a protector of children and childhood.

Talismans & amulets

As a talisman, Malachite strengthens spiritual forces of its owner, brings wisdom. Therefore in old times Malachite was favored by scientists. Still, more often Malachite is used as a powerful amulet. It protects children from nightmares, evil eye and other negative influences. When attached to the crib, a piece of Malachite grants to the child a quiet sleep, without disturbing dreams. It is said to be very good for actors, and all those who desire to draw attention to themselves. For this purpose it is necessary to set it in white metals (silver or platinum, but not in gold). In the East, the plates made of Malachite with a sun engraved on them were believed to bring to the wearer health and good fortune, and protect him against sorcerers and malicious spirits.

Healing properties

Malachite is a stone which makes its wearer attractive and charming. It is a magic stone of love and harmony with very strong energy. According to ancient superstitions, Malachite will fulfill the desires of its wearer, render him invisible, even teach him animals language. Malachite absorbs negative energy and brings to its owner physical and emotional harmony.

Magical properties

Malachite will nurture the wearers' spiritual and intellectual growth. It will guide them in making the right decisions at important life junctions. The strong connection of malachite to the intellectual sphere makes it a patron stone of scientist.
Malachite has considerable powers over emotinal states, too. It is able to clear the consciousness from persistent feelings of resentment and worry. While it chases away malicious thoughts and intents at the same time it protects the wearer from evil eye. Be watchful, though: when a malachite stone shatters into pieces, it should be read as a warning of impending disaster.


Chakra Three: Manipura, Chakra Four: Anahata

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