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Element Air

Hyacinth is a stone of authority. According to ancient Greek mythHyacinth, a young man named Hyacinth was killed by a disk thrown during competition by Apollo, the God of Light. The drops of blood of the young man which have fallen to the ground have turned into hyacinth flowers. The flowers then hardened into jewels.

Talismans & amulets

This stone was used as an amulet that offered protection against infectious diseases, poisons and asthma. Its wearer quickly gains popularity in any company. Hyacinth protects against “evil eye”, malicious spirits and nightmares, drives away melancholy, improves appetite and digestion, and slakes wearer’s thirst. It was particularly recommended for travellers, as it helped to avoid plague and wounds while on the road. Hyacinth was also believed to increase the wealth of its owner and to grant him unusual foresight.

Healing properties

Hyacinth improves appetite and facilitates digestion, induces drowsiness.

Magical properties

It was believed that the owner of Hyacinth is protected against lightning, and numerous stories abound about the lucky wearers of Hyacinth stones which were actually struck by lightning but escaped unhurt. Another surprising quality of the stone is that it is able to make its wearer sleepy. If carried during bouts of depression, it will help to escape its darkest moments. Hyacinth grants hope, prevents hallucinations and drives away melancholy.


Chakra Four: Anahata


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