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Element Air

Fluorite is a transparent or translucent stone, coming in various huFluoritees: colorless, blue, pink, yellow, green, violet (almost black), glass-shiny or colorless. A striking property of Fluorite is its ability to luminescence under ultra-violet light or when heated.

Talismans & amulets

As talisman Fluorite is good for cleansing the aura. It can also be used to purify surroundings: placing several pieces of Fluorite on your computer desk or around your workplace will reduce stressful and negative influences.

Healing properties

Fluorite has a strong influence on immune system; it stimulates regeneration of cells, especially those of skin and respiratory path. It was used to treat ulcers, cuts, wounds, scars, herpes and stomatitis. Fluorite is often used to improve impaired mobility. Fluorite perfectly removes inflammations, in particular related to arthritis. Fluorite harmonizes general condition of the body and strengthens the nervous system It also brings harmony and stability in personal attitudes.

Magical properties

Fluorite brings to the mind clarity and sharpness, boosts its abilities of focus and concentration. It allows absorbing the new information faster and better, making it an invaluable study tool. Fluorite is ideal for meditation - not only it helps to concentrate, but also boosts intuition. Fluorite allows its wearer to get rid of harmful and distracting illusions. This stone generally improves mental abilities.


A powerful healing stone for all chakras, especially good on Chakra Five: Vissuddha and  Chakra Seven: Sahasrara


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