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Element Water

Emerald is a stone of hope and wisdom. Ancient people believed Emeraldthat in Emerald, like a magic mirror, reflects all the previous lives of a person.
Emerald is a variety of Beryl. The name Emerald is derived from French "esmeraude” and the Greek root "smaragdos” which means 'green gemstone'.
Astrologists consider Emerald a stone of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.

Talismans & amulets

In XV-XVII century Russia, Emerald was considered as a talisman bringing wisdom and serenity. It was a talisman of mothers and seafarers.
Emerald mounted in gold is the best combination - it brings the wearer love, hope, fidelity, wisdom, presence of mind, courage and foresight. Emerald guards from unfaithfulness. There is a belief that Emerald will /brake down/ if one of the spouses is unfaithful to another.

Healing properties

Emerald helps to treat fever, inflammations, illness of liver, diabetes. It was believed to be very helpful against epilepsy, skin diseases as well as diseases of urinal-genital system of women. It was also said that just looking at this stone before going to sleep could prevent insomnia. Emerald helps to relax eyes due to its gentle green color. It also has a beneficial effect on heart and immune system.

Magical properties

Emerald benefits spiritual qualities of the person: ability to meditate, insightfulness, ability to understand motives of others. Emerald nurtures love, kindness and serenity. Consequently it is regarded as a powerful remedy aiding to balance nervous system. Positive energy associated with its pleasant shade of green brings enjoyment and pleasure. Emerald strengthens health and brings longevity, it possesses enormous positive energy and is able to neutralize negative influence. Emerald helps to predict the future. It is also believed to protect against snakes' bites. According to one legend, seeing an Emerald is fatal for poisonous snakes - as they are blinded by it.
Emerald wearer will be free from melancholy and cares. It is also of use to those who wish to learn secrets and to penetrate the future. It prevents storms and drives away malicious intent.


Chakra Three: Manipura, Chakra Four: Anahata

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