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Element Air

Carnelian is an orange-red variety of Chalcedony. Its name may Carnelianhave originated from "cornu" (a horn in Latin); "cornum" (cherry in Latin) "carnis" (flesh or meat in Latin). Carnelian is a stone of Sun, that absorbed its energy and acquired a hot, radiant color. It is also a stone of truth, faith and love, that will protect life and family of its wearer. The ancient Egyptians described Carnelian as a "sunset enclosed in stone".

Talismans & amulets

The astrology considers that as love talisman Carnelian improves mood, arouses passion. Carnelian possesses a strong ability to protect from "evil eye", "bedevilling", sorcery, etc. It can overcome black magic, protect from astral attacks, infuse its owner with courage, prevent quarrels, protect from lightning, and provide privacy. Healers believe Carnelianís properties are more active in August.

Healing properties

In the Middle Ages Carnelian was divided on male - red-brown and female - pinkish-orange. At that time Lapidaries (books about medical properties of stones) affirmed that Carnelian provides "calming and pacifying effect" and for this purpose it was recommended to prepare mixtures and powders from Carnelian. Ancient Greeks used Carnelian to treat nervous diseases, fever, and also for strengthening teeth. During labour it was recommended to hold this stone in a mouth to alleviate labor pains. Carnelian necklace carrying to treat Graves' disease (it is sometimes more effective, than amber). Carnelian in a necklace pacifies anger, improves mood, and cures nervous breakdowns. The stone embedded in a ring will calm heart palpitation. When applied to eyelids, Carnelian heals headaches. It will also stabilizes intracranial pressure, as well as low blood pressure. For the latter, put two pieces of Carnelian into boiling water and then place them on the temples for 2-5 minutes; repeat 3-5 times.

Magical properties

A number of legends and superstitions are associated with Carnelian. In antiquity people believed in its strong magical properties, and they used it for a variety of amulets and talismans. This stone was a symbol of life in Pharaonic Egypt. It also adorns the precious funerary pectoral of Tutankhamun. On Tutankhamun mummy various items made of Carnelian have been found: a head of the snake (to protect the Pharaoh against snakes in the other world), pendants in the form of the heart, personifying eternally alive soul, etc. Ancient Greeks made Carnelian gemmas with images of Cupid and Psyche. Such gemmas were talismans of true love. Greeks used such gemmas to determine whether love feeling is real: if it was, the stone started to sparkle when the partner looked at it.


Chakra Three: Manipura, Chakra One: Muladhara and Chakra Two: Svadhisthana

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