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Element Earth

This is an amazing stone, bathed in mystery and un predictability. TAventurinehe sparkles inside it look like somebody lighted up a magic lantern and its beams, reflected from the facets, merge in a marvellous iridescent spectrum. Mineralogically Aventurine  is a fine-grained, translucent quartzite with inclusions of mica, hematite or other minerals, all giving to a stone a flickering shimmer with golden, red, white and green "sparks". Its color varies between white, pink, yellow, red-brown, and (very rarely) green or dark blue. The history of the name "Aventurine " is interesting in itself. Once the Venetian glass blowers melted a glass batch, but then a small amount of copper sawdust has got in it, producing sparkles and creating the Aventurine  pellet after cooling. The name is derived from Italian ďa ventura", meaning "accidentally".

Talismans & amulets

Aventurine  is a stone of enterprising people, seamen and travellers, businessmen and bankers - all those not afraid of taking risks and trusting their fortune. The owner of Aventurine  will find self-confidence and independence. Aventurine  cannot be worn longer than one lunar phase; otherwise it will change its energy. Aventurine  creates a happy, joyful mood in its wearer. It makes mind clear, balances emotions, clears aura and helps to overcome fears and anxiety.

Healing properties

Aventurine  helps at skinís diseases such as rashes, eczema and alopecia. It tones up the skin and eliminates warts. Aventurine  works only when it is carried on wrist or neck in the form of a large, long beads. Aventurine  improves metabolism and digestive system problems.

Magical properties

Aventurine  was considered as the stone of love, which can boost all feelings and emotions, and also promote optimism and self-confidence. It was also believed that this stone can help to win over the heart of the loved one.


Chakra Four: Anahata and Chakra Five: Vissuddha

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