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Element Fire

According to a legend cited by Ovidius in "Metamorphoses", AmbAmberer gems are the stark tears of daughters of the God of Sun, in mourning for their brother Phaeton. Phaeton wanted to race on the sky in a chariot of their father, harnessed by winged fire-spitting horses. He could not handle them, and crushed to the Earth. Gods transformed his crying sisters into trees. They stand on the bank of cold river and cry. Their hot tears fall into cold water, harden and turn to transparent Amber gems.
Ancient Romans believed that Amber protects from evil forces and heals from illness; rubbing small Amber balls in your palms strengthen love power. Most of all Romans valued the black and reddish Amber. Burning Amber for incense was very popular in the Middle Age. it was believed that Amber brings victory. Sun is a planet of Amber.

Talismans & amulets

Boosts optimism, facilitates self-expression, attracts friends and helps to find partner in life, brings victory. Amber bead on a red thread repels witches and malicious spirits.

Healing properties

It was believed in the old days that there is no such ailment the Amber would not heal. The Amber was taken internally to help with metabolism deficiencies, hearing problems, and stomach ailments. In Poland the Amber tincture is still considered an effective remedy for colds, throat and respiratory problems. The Amber powder is inhaled to bring relief from acute respiratory disease. Amber pieces are given to babies to chew when they have their first teeth appear. How to explain Amber’s healing powers? It turns out that Amber contains up to 8 weight percent of the amber acid, which has vitamin-like properties. By enhancing endocellular metabolism, the amber acid brings about general improvement of body condition, slows down ageing processes, and normalizes cardiac blood circulation.

Magical properties

Protects from evil spells and an evil eye. Amber always was considered an anti-demonic amulet. It is also believed that an Amber bead, hidden in baby’s clothes, will counteract any malicious forces. 


Chakra One: Muladhara, Chakra Three: Manipura, Chakra Seven: Sahasrara; white amber works well with Chakra Five: Vissuddha


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